About Us:

The Family Counselling Centre is an accredited member of Family Service Ontario,
Family Services National Employee Assistance Program and a member agency of:

    United Way of Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie
    United Way of South Niagara
    United Way of St. Catharines and District

Our Staff:

Our professional counselling staff have a minimum of a Masters degree in Social Work or a related field. Professional certifying bodies to which our staff belong include the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Fees for Services:

Clients receiving individual, marital, family or certain group counselling services are charged a fee. We have a sliding fee schedule based on family income and family size. Fees are negotiated at the time of your referral. Subsidized counselling fees are possible through the generosity of the United Way and other charitable donations. Every effort is made to ensure that the costs of our services are not barriers to receiving help.

Many employers fund counselling costs for their employees and their families through an Employee Assistance Plan.

The Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Community & Social Services, fund community capacity building programs, specialized family violence programs, and the Adult Protective Service Worker program.

Any information you share with the Family Counselling Centre is confidential with the following exceptions: we are obliged by law to reveal our knowledge of abuse or neglect to children 16 years and under; dangerous acts to yourself or others such as suicide or homicide intent; and we are required by law to release records when subpoenaed through a court order. All other releases of information outside the Centre require signed consent.