Employee Assistance Program

The FCC has been the local provider of the National Family Services Employee Assistance Program fseap for a number of years. The FCC provides responsive, local service and is a part of a network of counselling associates throughout the country.

Through our association with Family Services Employee Assistance Programs we provide:

  • Professional, confidential counselling and consultation services for organizations that help employees and their families with a broad range of personal and work-related concerns;
  • Health and Wellness Education through group seminars, newsletters and other information on several healh related topics;
  • Training for supervisors and employers to help them resolve conflicts, manage people and recognize when employees’ personal problems are affecting their work

In addition we offer Critical Incident Response (CIR) services.

The FCC’s professional trauma team can provide structured group intervention, individual counselling and follow-up sessions in order to minimize the effects and impacts of critical incidents that may occur in the workplace, which may include sudden death, serious workplace accidents, criminal incidents such as robberies or fraud, violence, losses or other tragedies.