Side by Side and For Me and My Mom (& Mothers in Mind)

These programs are for children and their mothers who have experienced woman abuse and their families. The programs seek to increase the safety of women and children who have experienced woman abuse. They support mothers in their parenting skills, assisting children to heal from the effects of witnessing domestic violence. Further the programs support women to understand their rights, self-esteem needs, as well as violence prevention strategies.

The For Me And My Mom program is for individual and family counselling for women and their children who have experienced women abuse in their families.

The Side by Side program offers support groups for children and mothers who have experienced women abuse and their families. The program offers 2 types of groups regularly throughout the year. The Side by Side group is a 10 week program for children ages 4 to 16 and their mothers. The group is a safe place where children can meet other children who have experienced women abuse and family changes. Women receive independent time during the group to network with other mothers to solve problems.

The Mothers in Mind (MIM) program is a 10 week mother-child group program designed specifically for mothers who:

  • Have had experiences such as family violence, childhood abuse or sexual assault.
  • Have children under the age of 4.
  • Are wondering about whether past hurtful experiences are affecting their parenting and their relationship with their child.
  • Have a child who is experienced or witnessed family violence or other hurtful behaviours.

During that MIM groups women will:

  • Talk about parenting issues with other mothers who have had similar experiences.
  • Spend time playing and interacting with their child.
  • Discover helpful ways to cope with anger, worry and stress.
  • Increase your confidence in responding to your children in a sensitive and caring manner.
  • Learn how to support young children who may have been exposed to hurtful behaviours.
  • Explore what helps children feel safe and secure.
  • Find practical ways to take some time for yourself during this busy stage of life.

Assistance with transportation and childcare is available if needed.

There are no costs to the participants. These programs are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
Victim/partners are also contacted through the program.