Partner Assault Response Program (PAR program)

A group for individuals who have been abusive to their partners.

The program is for individuals who have been mandated by the Court to attend the PAR program in response to a criminal charge involving domestic violence.

Prior to participation in the group program individuals attend an intake meeting. During the intake meeting individuals will meet with a group facilitator to discuss their suitability for the program and to determine their fee.

The group program is 12 weekly two-hour sessions.

  • Learn about the types of abuse
  • Explore how beliefs and attitudes contribute to domestic violence
  • Understand trigger/warning signs that precede abusive behaviour and explore positive alternatives to abusive behaviour
  • Understand the impact of abuse/violence on self, partners and children
  • Understand the impact of substance abuse
  • Develop empathy skills
  • Learn skills to promote a healthy relationship and respectful communication
  • Learn skills to deal with conflict
  • Accept responsibility for one’s attitudes and actions

The group sessions are led by a male and female counselling team who discuss with the participants issues related to domestic violence and provide the opportunity for participants to learn non-abusive ways of behaving.

Victim/partners are also contacted through the program.