Caring Dads

A program for fathers involved with child welfare that engages them to develop a meaningful and healthy relationship with their children.

Positively involved fathers enhance their children’s academic, personal, and social development. Unfortunately, fathers can also have a negative impact when they do not understand their child’s feelings and needs and respond with abusive or controlling behaviours.

The Caring Dads program is a 17-week group program where dads will:

  • Create strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship
  • Learn to recognize attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that support healthy father relationships
  • Increase awareness of controlling, abusive and neglectful attitudes
  • Recognize the impact on children of controlling, intimidating, abusive and neglectful actions including witnessing domestic violence
  • Develop skills to cope with frustrating parenting situations
  • Develop skills for interacting with children in healthy ways

Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by community agencies.

Individuals are not charged a fee to participate in this program. This program is fully funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.